PA Hire

Neil McGrory can provide a wide range of PA Hire options through JNAudio. With a main rig based on a Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console, JBL speakers and a great selection of microphones , events from concerts to school shows, conferences to outdoor events can all be covered. 

Larger outdoor and festival rigs can also be supplied.

Equipment List:

Midas M32 console (32 Channel Digital Console)

Midas DL16 x 2 Digital stagebox  & Digital Multicore

32 way recording via USB available

24 Track Alesis Hd24  

2 x JBL PRX 712 (active)
2 x JBL PRX 415 (passive)

2 x JBL PRX 715 (active)
2 x JBL PRX 418 (passive)


4 x JBL EON 615

2 x Turbosound TXD 12


6 x Shure Beta 58

4 x Shure SM 58

4 x Shure SM 57

1 x Shure Beta 57

1 x Shure SM Beta58 Wireless

3 x AKG C1000

2 x AKG C451b

2 x Sonotronics Small Dia Condensers

2 x Rode NT5

2 x Rode Nt2000

1 x AKG D112

4 x Shure SM91 Drum clips (+clamps)

1 x Beyer 201

1 x Beyer M160 Ribbon

1 x Audio Technica 4033

1 x Sennheiser 509

1 x Audio Technica Fiddle Clip

BSS DI Boxes